25 To Life For Man Who Stabbed Girlfriend, Buried Her In Shallow Grave

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Anthony Coxum was sentenced Tuesday morning to 25 years to life in prison for stabbing to death his girlfriend, Eldoris Graham, and burying her body in a shallow grave near Johansen High School in Modesto.

In two letters read in court moments before Coxum’s sentencing, Graham’s mother, Kathie Patterson, said she hoped he would get either the death sentence or life in prison without possibility of parole. She traveled from her Nebraska home for the sentencing and said she wants him to rot in the hell he created for himself.

Patterson understood by Tuesday morning that denial of the possibility of parole wasn’t an option – Stanislaus County Deputy District Attorney Beth De Jong said it was not requested because there was no special circumstance to the crime. Still, coming out of the courtroom after Coxum was taken away, Patterson said, “I sincerely believe that if you kill someone, you should be killed. That’s the way I believe, but I’m happy that he gets a life sentence.”

I feel sorry for you, Anthony Devon Coxum. You are just another African American man that threw his life away.

Kathie Patterson, mother of Eldoris Graham, in her victim impact statement read in court Tuesday

That sentence was justified by the severity, viciousness and premeditation involved in her daughter’s murder, she said. And when Coxum someday comes up for parole, she hopes the board realizes the magnitude of the danger he poses to society, she said. “He doesn’t need to see daylight.”

Graham, 28, had been stabbed in her jugular vein, a lung and her face, with her mouth gagged with cloth and duct tape wrapped around her head, neck and hands.

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Coxum sentencing in Graham murder

Anthony Coxum arrives for sentencing at The Stanislaus County Superior Courthouse in Modesto, Calif. Tuesday, March 7, 2017. Coxum was found guilty on Feb. 3 in the murder of Eldoris Graham.

Joan Barnett Lee jlee@modbee.com

Her body was found Jan. 12, 2013, about 500 yards away from the home of Coxum’s father. Coxum used to live in his father’s garage before he moved into Graham’s Modesto apartment on Tully Road.

Coxum was the last person to have seen Graham on Dec. 13, 2012, and he told different stories about what they did together before she went missing, including a drive to Oakland. Cellphone records indicate Coxum and Graham never left Modesto that day, a police detective testified during the trial.

Graham was missing for about a month before her body was found. Coxum was arrested in North Carolina about two weeks after his girlfriend disappeared. He had driven to North Carolina in Graham’s beige Pontiac Bonneville.

The crime scene and the weapon used never were located, but a bottle of bleach was found in Graham’s car.

Anthony Coxum’s attorney requested a 30-day stay of his client’s delivery into custody of the state. Deputy District Attorney Beth De Jong noted that Coxum has had disciplinary problems at the jail and poses a danger if he remains. Judge Nancy Ashley denied the stay and remanded Coxum to the state.

De Jong said she was happy with the sentence handed down Tuesday by Stanislaus Superior Court Judge Nancy Ashley. “It was completely expected – that’s the standard sentence for this.”

Patterson, who came to Modesto as a traveling nurse and encouraged her daughter to join her, moved back home to Nebraska after Graham’s death. The trauma of being here aggravated a pre-existing heart condition and high blood pressure, she told The Bee after Coxum’s conviction in early February.

In court Tuesday, she read a letter she’d planned to present at the end of his trial, when he was convicted of first-degree murder. She was unable to attend then, though, because an ice storm in her area kept her from driving and her health prevented her from flying.

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> Coxum sentencing in Graham murder

Coxum sentencing in Graham murder

“Society must rid itself of evil like you,” Patterson read. She told Coxum that her daughter had said to her that he was going to take her car and her phone, have sex with her friends and kill her. One thing he’s not is a liar, because he did all those things, Patterson said to him.

Graham had asked to hide her car at her mother’s house, Patterson said, but then changed her mind, saying, “Mom, I don’t want him to hurt you, too.”

In her letter, Patterson asked Coxum why he killed her daughter. If the relationship wasn’t working for him, why didn’t he just walk away?

She told him she believes that he killed other women before and got away with it, and that he didn’t act alone in her daughter’s murder. She said she hopes other parties will be brought to justice.

Patterson wrote a second letter for the sentencing, but could not bring herself to read it, so De Jong did so on her behalf. In it, she reflected on her daughter’s sense of humor, her dreams and accomplishments.

In addition to killing Graham, Coxum sentenced Patterson to a lifetime of pain and grieving, the letter said. He sentenced his own mother to a lifetime without her son but with the knowledge of what he did. He sentenced his father to a life without his son, and himself to a life without his children, Patterson said in the letter.

Outside the courtroom after sentencing, Patterson elaborated on what she meant about believing Coxum had killed before. “It was the manner in which he did the crime,” she said, noting that her daughter had been bound and gagged. “That wasn’t the first time. I’m a nurse and basically specialize in psychiatric nursing. And I took care of many people like him, and his profile is such that he has killed before. 

“This is a sick human being, and he should never be on the streets again.”

Deke Farrow: 209-578-2327

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

Source : http://www.modbee.com/news/local/crime/article136937133.html



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