Andrew Bogut's Horrific Leg Injury Is The Heart Of The Australian Experience

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Andrew Bogut broke his leg just 58 seconds into his debut with the Cavaliers. It was shocking, disappointing and utterly predictable — because he’s Australian. The injury was Australia.

Bad things happen to Australians. It’s part of the country’s DNA. I was born and raised there, and under the cheery and welcoming exterior is the resolute belief that something bad will happen.

The nation expects horrors, and historically is rewarded with them. In World War I, the British used Aussies to soak up bullets on a beach in Turkey, and a river in France, and again in the north of France. War and sports should never be compared, but it’s these events that created the expectation of disappointment in the Australian psyche.

Ben Simmons is missing his entire rookie season because of a foot injury. Dante Exum tore his ACL after being taken with the No. 5 overall pick in 2014. Now, Bogut joins his compatriots. When a country with eight current NBA players has seen season-ending injuries happen to three of them, it’s not bad luck — it’s kismet.

Australians are so used to suffering setbacks there’s a national colloquialism for it that is beyond the point of cliche: the “little Aussie battler.” “Battlers” accept their lot and do their best no matter what life throws at them. It’s a phrase borne of disappointment, failed expectations, and missed opportunities.

Bogut was supposed to be on his way to a playoff run with the Cavs, perhaps even a second NBA title. Then his leg broke.

This is the heart of the Australian experience.

It’s what allows people to huddle close to the coast in cities or try and survive in the Mad Max-esque wasteland of the outback. It’s why Aussies love it (whether they admit it or not) when you talk about their country being dangerous because of the snakes, spiders, jellyfish, and octopuses that will all kill you. By romanticizing the danger of being an Australian, you turn their very existence into being a “battler.”

It’s also why so many lost it when Jarryd Hayne was cut by the 49ers. When battlers finally makes good, they’re supposed to prove to everyone that dreams are possible. This is typically followed by the crushing reality that an external force is ready to shove them back down into their place — but still the hope always remains that maybe, just maybe, it won’t happen this time.

If the American Dream is the promise of prosperity and happiness out of nothing, the Australian dream is the expectation that life is a giant pile of bullshit you try to crawl out of knowing that someone’s waiting to push you back down.

It’s the reason Australia’s unofficial national anthem is a song about a hungry man who committed suicide when he finally got something to eat.

Andrew Bogut’s NBA career has been the furthest thing from failure. After all, he’s a former No.1 overall pick, an NBA Champion and he’s carved out a 13-year career for himself.

But he’s also the expendable Australian who was sent to Dallas for cap space, which was unfair -- but that’s business. When he finally got another shot at reaching the NBA’s summit, fate took it away.

I don’t know Andrew Bogut personally, but I’d like to think he was prepared for this mentally, as any Australian would be. It’s hardwired into us like swimming lessons and barbecues on a Christmas Day. In 2018, Bogut will be back, but he’ll be the little Aussie battler once again.

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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Andrew Bogut's horrific leg injury is the heart of the Australian experience
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