Detroit's Nain Rouge Takes Responsibility For Wiretapping Trump Tower

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Detroit's Nain Rouge takes responsibility for wiretapping Trump Tower

DETROIT - The Marche du Nain Rouge on Sunday gathered thousands of costumed paraders with a common agenda: to drive out the city's mythical demon antagonist, who expertly hurls taunts and insults at Detroiters in the days and weeks ahead of the march every year.

Folkloric demon the Nain Rouge antagonizes Detroit ahead of parade

The annual parade brings a horde of bloodthirsty pursuers and colorful floats to the Cass Corridor to drive away the Nain Rouge, French for "red dwarf," whose legend as a folkloric scapegoat for Detroit's problems dates back to the torment of the city's founder, Antoine Cadillac, in the 1700s.

This year, a President Donald Trump impersonator rode atop a cockroach vehicle reading aloud from the presidential Twitter account through a megaphone, followed by a float depicting U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Russian President Vladamir Putin and Vice President Mike Pence.

Costumed 'Donald Trump' rides float at Marche du Nain Rouge

The Nain, a little taller this year in a Transformer-like suit, spewed his trademark negativity throughout the parade, calling the city's $140-million QLine streetcar project a "People Mover with traffic," referring to the short, aging, elevated light rail system that circles Downtown Detroit.

May 12 launch planned for QLine streetcars on Detroit's Woodward Avenue 

He even claimed responsibility for wiretapping Trump Tower.

"Detroit, how's that population growth going?" the Nain asked. "I taught (Oakland County Executive) L. Brooks Patterson everything he knows about urban planning. I love landing my private airplane at city airport. Detroit, guess who cut off your water. Me."

8th annual Marche du Nain Rouge returns to Detroit

"I'll help you move out of the Russell Industrial Center as soon as the elevator works. Let's change the name 'Detroit' to 'North Windsor.'"

Detroit artists 'blindsided' by eviction notices in shutdown of Russell Industrial Center

And he even mocked a marriage proposal that took place at the parade 2015, scaring him off and banishing him from the city.

"I proposed to my girl at the Nain Rouge," he said scornfully.

Marriage proposal drives away Nain Rouge in touching twist to Detroit parade

But while thousands gathered to banish the Nain, two Detroiters showed up to support him. Natalie Frakes, 25, and Christian Ryan, 24, said they've come to the march for years because the Nain's barbs point to true problems in Detroit.

"I feel the vibe that some people aren't down with the type of gentrification that's happening in the neighborhoods," Frakes said.

"I feel the neighborhoods that haven't been involved in this gentrification and resurgence and the same thing goes with all of the businesses coming in. Are these really serving the community? Is Shinola down the street really giving people jobs to people who have lived here for years and years and kept the city going?"

Frakes believes the money going toward the new QLine streetcar system could have been used elsewhere.

"Literally, it's another People Mover," she said. "I work in schools where they don't have toilet paper. It's really not cool."

"I think this parade is extremely important to the city," Ryan said. "I think the Nain is good."

Nain Rouge and his press secretary antagonize the crowd

The end of the parade route led the crowd to the steps of the Masonic Temple, where a banner hung declaring "Nothing is alright."

From atop the steps, the Nain and his press secretary antagonized the crowd below.

"Just wait til the Nain Rouge introduces the new protected-protected bike lanes," shouted the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer-inspired character. "That's where cars park on top of your bicycles so no one can get hurt riding bikes anywhere, because as you know, bikes are a favorite transportation format by criminals and dirty hippies."

The Nain's robotic suit then suffered a short-circuit from all the rain, rendering him powerless and leaving the red dwarf banished for yet another year.

MLive Detroit Multimedia Specialist Tanya Moutzalias contributed to this report.

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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Detroit's Nain Rouge takes responsibility for wiretapping Trump Tower