Digging The Graveyard Of Oil’s Past

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In recent years, Able has dismantled ships for the United States Navy, as well as the French aircraft carrier Clemenceau. He recently began buying idled coal-fired power plants, breaking them up for scrap and redeveloping their sites.

Mr. Stephenson sees value in everything.

He has turned the living quarters of a scrapped BP offshore platform into a makeshift motel and office for workers of drilling rigs that come into the yard for maintenance. A helicopter deck is being cut up for bridging material.

The future of energy is represented, too. A torpedo-shaped device discarded by General Electric was a prototype for a machine that generates electricity from ocean waves.

As the Brent Delta platform moved through the channel, a group of Mr. Stephenson’s friends, family and associates ate roast pork and stuffing, ham and peas pudding and other regional fare in a white tent pitched by the water. Winning a big job is a lift for a region that has been hit by the decline of some mainstay industries like the recently shuttered Redcar steel plant visible in the distance.

“This proves the northeast can still do stuff,” said Marcus Walker, a project director at Coolsilk, a local real estate investment firm.

Mr. Stephenson says the Brent contract will preserve or create up to 50 jobs. His company makes a practice of hiring and buying locally. A catering company called The Old Butchers Sandwich Shop provided food to guests and workers on the yard.

“There have been a lot of peaks and troughs over the last few years,” said Heidi McCullagh, who runs the catering company. “When a contract comes in, you have suddenly got a queue at the door.”

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

Source : https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/08/business/energy-environment/oil-north-sea-shell.html



Digging the Graveyard of Oil’s Past
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Digging the Graveyard of Oil’s Past
Digging the Graveyard of Oil's Past
Digging the Graveyard of Oil's Past