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There is no excuse for allowing a suspect to make a mockery of the judicial system by wearing a wig and glasses in a booking photo.

Brandon Tice Harmon, 34, of Ringwood, turned himself in after a misdemeanor warrant was issued in Major County on a single charge of domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor, according to a story in the Enid News & Eagle.

Harmon wore a wig and glasses while his booking photo was taken. The mug shot was included in the October issue of Jailbirds, which publishes booking photos.

Harmon released a statement Thursday saying his intent was to take an “epic and savage” Jailbirds photo.

“Mind you the courthouse was closed and the sheriff including his deputies were not present. I arrived at the facility in the wig and glasses not to poke fun at anything other than I’m going to have an epic and savage, according to social media, Jailbird pic,” said Harmon in the News & Eagle. “The dispatcher working at the time had no clue who I was, she simply did her job, booked me and moved on with her day.”

Unfortunately, that’s the only available version of what happened.

Major County Sheriff Steve Randolph declined to comment for a story that appeared in the News & Eagle this week.

Booking photos are used for identification. Allowing a suspect to wear a wig and glasses makes the photo unusable for that purpose.

The booking procedure is not supposed to be used for making a post go viral on social media.

It’s not a joke.

It’s not play time.

The process is serious and everyone in the process should take it seriously.

The citizens of Major County deserve an answer as to how this situation was allowed to happen. They need to know that it can’t happen again.

The citizens of Major County have heard Harmon’s excuse.

Now’s it’s time to hear from Sheriff Randolph.

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

Source : http://www.muskogeephoenix.com/opinion/editorially-speaking-no-excuse-for-fake-photo/article_05992bfa-b6c8-11e7-8850-aff6c1ff8716.html



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