Easy Does It All

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Some things never change. Ever since Adam and Eve realized they had a problem with Cain, each generation has pronounced the next generation lacking in manners. Unfortunately, a lack of acceptable behavior now seems to have infected every generation. And it’s spreading with the speed of chickenpox in a first-grade classroom before there was a vaccine for it.

I was standing in a long line, waiting to check in at a luncheon awhile back when a well-dressed grey-haired lady wandered up to talk to someone near the head of the queue.

I knew from experience what was going to happen next. I’d seen the same person using the same technique at several previous club meetings. As she chatted she slipped herself ever so gracefully into the space between the person she was talking to and the woman in back of her, thus scoring 15 places in the waiting line.

Attempting to be the gracious person that she wanted other people to see, the line-crasher turned and smiled sweetly. “I hope you don’t mind. I just need to talk with Clara about some club business.”

Funny, I heard her use the same weak excuse bolstered by a small untruth the month before. Oh heck, let’s be honest and say it was a lie.

In my book, that puts her right up there with the beer-bellied middle-aged guy who gets into the express lane with a cart filled to the kiddy seat with chips, dips, wine and six-packs, then explains his actions by saying he has to get to the party before the kickoff.

Still, line-jumpers and express lane abusers are far from the only – or worst – offenders in the world of the uncivil.

Let’s take a listen to the language. Or better still, let’s not. My husband and I had to ask to be moved to a different table in one of a cruise ship’s fine dining restaurants. The man (no gentleman here) at a nearby table was using a steady stream of words crude enough to make a Hell’s Angel blush. Did I mention that he was using them to describe the outstanding work that did as an “expert” (his word, not mine) defense attorney?