Easy Does It All

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(Business 2.0) – It's just after midnight on the French Riviera, and while the rich and famous sip champagne in Cannes at the annual film festival, something unsightly and orange cruises into the harbor and plops down its anchor among the majestic yachts. An enormous "EasyCruise.com" logo runs down the length of the ship, with all the subtlety of a flashing neon sign. This is the maiden voyage of a new concept in budget cruising, the 14th venture of low-cost superbrand EasyGroup. Onshore, the world's elite flock to the expensive hotels and villas, while the 140 passengers on the ship immediately nicknamed QueasyCruise are packed into corridors lined with tiny, windowless, intensely orange cabins starting at $50 a night. And in one of them sits the founder and chairman of U.K.-based EasyGroup, the man known simply as Stelios, content to share the experience with his (loud, drunken) passengers. Well, not totally content. "The windowless cabins," he concedes with a shrug, "were probably a mistake."

The Easy empire was built on experiments in low-cost living like EasyCruise, and life on the inside is a study in value trumping aesthetics. The company is the brainchild of 38-year-old Greek shipping heir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who popped up on the international radar screen in 1995 when he founded budget airline EasyJet at the tender age of 28--a feat that landed him in the Guinness Book of Records and made his name synonymous with both cheap living and Easy's signature bright-orange corporate color. Unlike the other British superbrand, Virgin, Easy does not evoke sophistication, style, or even service. "Easy is a functional brand; it's about value for the many, not the few," Stelios explains. With a smile that belies his rivalry with the older, wealthier Richard Branson, Virgin's high-profile founder, he adds, "Easy is the opposite of Virgin."

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This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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