Enthusiastic Trump Supporters Rally At Freedom Hill

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The March4Trump rally Saturday at Freedom Hill County Park in Sterling Heights became heated before its scheduled start.

A man within a small group of anti-Trump protestors tried to knock away a pro-Trump sign carried by a woman who stood away from, but chanted with, a few dozen backers of the president who were among the early arrivals on opposite sides of the main drive into the park. That sparked a brief but heated verbal skirmish before cooler heads, Macomb County Sheriffs deputies and Sterling Heights police stepped in to separate the two sides before the event officially got underway at noon.

An enthusiast crowd of approximately 300 people came out on a sunny day with temperatures in the 20s to show their support for Trump. The event was one of many like it scheduled around the county, including almost a dozen in Michigan. Two were slated in Oakland County.

Following remarks by Republican State Rep. Peter Lucido of Shelby Township, about 100 of those attending the rally in Sterling Heights patriotically carried their message with them during a walk along the Macomb County hike-bike path along Metropolitan Parkway.


The small group of counter-protestors who oppose Trump had a Russian flag among others, and an anti-conservative banner while trying to counter the majority supporters of the president at the march.

Macomb County voters last year were a huge factor in helping Trump win Michigan against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump topped Clinton in Macomb County, 54 percent to 41 percent. Within Macomb County, Trump prevailed in 19 out of 24 communities (votes by residents of villages Romeo, Armada and New Haven -- are tabulated in neighboring communities).

In raw numbers, the difference was 48,000 votes more than three times the total margin that Trump scored over Clinton statewide.

--Macomb Daily staff report

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

Source : http://www.macombdaily.com/article/MD/20170304/NEWS/170309802



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