Escape The Heat In Israel’s Top 10 Caves

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Floyd Mayweather wins everything, including having the best mancaveFloyd Mayweather wins everything, including having the best mancaveCliff Owen/Associated Press

Everybody reading this sentence has his or her own version of what could be called a "man cave." 

A man cave may be a traditional space such as a basement that is filled with multiple televisions, a pool table, video games and other fun items that help make for an ideal entertainment room. For others, however, a man cave can be something simple such as a garage or a separate part of a house, or of an apartment where one can put some headphones on and simply escape from the world for a period of time. 

It should come as little surprise that professional athletes who have made millions of dollars throughout their careers possess man caves that are nicer than many of our homes. Such an impressive man cave allows a celebrity to enjoy his lifestyle comfortably without having to worry about any problems that may arise from leaving his home. 

Those who follow Floyd "Money" Mayweather on websites such as Twitter and Instagram know Mayweather has not been shy about flaunting his many toys via the Internet. Mayweather has also been kind enough to give the public multiple inside looks at what could be one of the best man caves money can buy.

The property owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr., arguably the most famous NASCAR driver of his time, could be considered to be one massive man cave. Professional golfer Padraig Harrington has had his man cave featured on multiple TV programs, while fellow PGA player Jordan Spieth could soon outdo what Harrington has created for himself. 

Why are we so interested in seeing man caves of famous athletes? Part of it is we want to know how the "other half" lives, and seeing those man caves lets us dream of what we could one day create if we were financially able to afford a kingly fortress. Regardless of the man cave you are able to make for yourself, just know you will eventually be outdone by Mr. Mayweather. 

After all, Floyd always wins. 

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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