Fight To Reform County Elections

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SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The Democrat legislators are urging Gov. Jerry Brown to sign two bills on his desk that would reform the election laws for the county board of supervisors.

One involves re-districting, the other would require board members to be elected in November when turnout is high, rather than in the primary when it's lower.

Assemblymember Todd Gloria and Shirley Weber authored both bills. They say San Diego County is one of the most diverse counties in the state and that needs to be reflected by those who draw the district lines.

Right now, the lines are drawn by a panel of returned judges. Assemblymember Weber favors replacing the judges with community members representing that diversity.

"The 14 commission members will also reflect the political party preferences including no party preference, in other words, the composition of the commission will be proportional to the political party preferences including decline to state," Weber said.

She said this will ensure that groups with similar socio and economic interests will not be negatively impacted in the process.

No politician or members of their family, or anybody who would benefit financially, could serve on the commission.

And at least one commissioner resides in each of the five existing districts.

On requiring office holders be elected in November, rather than in the primary, Todd Gloria said this is when most voters are at the table when big decisions are made.

"AB 901 creates more opportunity for more voters to decide who represents them at the county level by mandating our county officials be elected in November as opposed to June," he said.

Gloria also said the primary assumes there will be a November election.

"It's undeniable that in a democracy, more people should have the opportunity to make decisions about who represents them and the vast majority of voters should participate in this process," he said.

This change would favor Democrats because they have upwards of a 100,000 voter registration advantage, but what they're proposing has major problems.

"By turning what should be, and has been, a non-partisan effort, redistricting, by judges for heavens sakes to a partisan effort whereby the individuals appointed all have to identify what their political party is," said Attorney Bob Ottilie.

Ottilie has handled several election law cases. He said this would alter the history of non-partisan elections in San Diego by attempting to accomplish what they've been unable to accomplish at the ballot box, namely getting seats on the board of supervisors.

"What they're telling you is we don't like the results, which is the outcomes in these elections. We want more Democrats. Let's get rid of the judges cause the judges are unbiased and let's bring bias into the system," Ottilie said.

Another problem is Los Angeles adopted a similar plan last year. It was immediately challenged in court by the board of supervisors as unconstitutional. 

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors also opposes these two bills. 

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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