Film Review: ‘Justice League’

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To address the concerns of the author that it is people who didn’t like TFA who are giving it such a low score, statistically that doesn’t make sense as TFA has an 89% audience score, so to imagine that the small percent of people who voted it down are hijacking the result is incorrect as most likely fans who loved TFA (for whom there was many) are just as likely to have rushed to see this one. The real reason that the reviews are so low are because the film was completely misrepresented by the reviewers. I like Batman, I really enjoyed Wonder Woman, but I decided to wait for the Justice League to come on Sky because the reviews were so poor. The sceptical viewers were informed that it may not be good and stayed away. The people who remained saw it regardless, expecting crap (and perhaps were pleasantly surprised? I haven’t seen it). The reviews from most news outfits have been 5*, meaning people are going to see what they have been told is an excellent film. This was not an excellent film. If it was not Star Wars, it would still be badly written and unfunny. A Christmas turkey. In what universe is ‘General Huggs’ or ‘Chrome Dome’ actually amusing dialogue? If it was a comedy, it would be called a dud, because the jokes are bad. But it’s not, it’s a space opera/action adventure. Except there was no adventure. How can a professional reviewer think that a film about a 16 hour slow motion space race before the good guy runs out of fuel is in anything other than a cheap ‘ticking clock’ mechanism created to ensure the audience that this film is actually going somewhere (exceptionally slowly). Film school 101. The Uproxx review suggested it had an unconventional plot – it certainly did not. The only thing unconventional was to have thirty minutes dedicated to a side story, the casino, which added nothing to the narrative arc or gave any meaningful character development to Finn. There’s a reason why this isn’t convention…

So in conclusion, we were fed misrepresentations about the quality of this film and it made people angry. Social media is revealing this to be true.

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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