Find A New Something Blue: Trendy Ideas And Tips

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wedding blues

No one is sure of the exact origin or why each of these items was supposed to bring good luck, but it's fairly easy to guess at. Something old represents continuity and tradition, something new represents the marriage, something borrowed reminds the bride that she can depend on family and friends. Before Queen Victoria made the white wedding dress the norm, blue was a popular color for wedding dresses, because it symbolized purity. Brides today are opting for a lot fewer blue garters and becoming a lot more creative when it comes to bringing "Something blue" into their wedding day. Here's a few ideas.


In the space of just a few years blue wedding shoes have gone from being "shocking" to "shockingly cute!" A killer pair of blue heels not only gives a little "kick" to your wedding ensemble, but it's practical, too. After all, you're much more likely to wear blue shoes than white shoes after the wedding. If you don't want completely blue shoes, consider painting the soles blue, or adding a small blue rhinestone to it.

wedding bluesTattoos!

Obviously, you could go for the real thing and get a little blue heart or wedding ring inked some place private for your groom. OR, you could do the same thing with a little less permanence (and fewer needles). I Do Tattoos has temporary tattoos with a choice of wedding appropriate designs. Each tattoo comes in a beautiful blue portfolio that you can use to store wedding items in later.


Aren't you lucky, sapphires are blue! Bling it up with a sapphire necklace, earrings, or bracelet and have a something blue that will make you feel anything but sad.


While the phrase "blue flowers" may bring up images of 1970s prom corsages, there are actually many naturally (and more delicate) blue flowers. Consider hyacinth, delphiniums, or statice as part of your bouquet.

wedding bluesBridesmaids' dresses

No one said the blue had to be on you! Blue is a universally flattering color. There is a shade of blue that's perfect for any skin tone. Blue ties, tie tacks, or even suits can also be a thoughtful choice for your groomsmen, giving them a wedding outfit option that they can wear again.


Unless you're wearing a very short, or very see through, wedding dress there's no reason your under garments need to be bridal white. Keep your something blue a secret for just you and your groom!

Go traditional

Sometimes the simplest traditions are the best. The easiest ways to add a little something blue into your wedding day are to sew a small blue ribbon into your dress, carry a handkerchief with a little blue in it, or wear a blue garter under your dress.

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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