Greitens Talks Funding, Budget At First Full Capitol News Conference

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2.05pm: Mr Corbyn finishes up by saying the Tories are "not fit for office". He sits down, Nicky Morgan is called upon, and lots of MPs scuttle off for a late lunch. 

2.00pm: Economists for Free trade said they were “pleased” with the budget but said more detail was needed on Britain’s economic policy after Brexit. 

Patrick Minford said: “We are pleased that the Chancellor has, for the first time, acknowledged that Britain can thrive because of Brexit.

"However, the general sentiment within the Budget confirms our long-held concern that the Treasury is generally ignorant of and in denial about the wider economic benefits of Brexit.

"This is reflected in the Treasury and OBR’s wrongly, indeed absurdly, depressed forecasts for the economy. The medium to long term economic outlook for post-Brexit Britain is much brighter than the Chancellor has set out today.

"What was missing in the Budget today was detail on how Britain’s economic policy can and must change when we leave the EU to a lighter touch, lower tax, lower spending economic model that offers a clean break from the high regulation, high tax, high spend approach of the EU.

"There is a huge challenge ahead for Britain to build a more competitive economy focused on low business taxation and upskilling the domestic workforce in which higher productivity is a central objective."

1.56pm: Mr Corbyn said economic growth and productivity had been revised down, along with wages and living standards.

He added: "What sort of strong economy is that?

"What sort of fit for the future is that?"

1.53pm: Mr Corbyn said the Tory’s only "half-decent" policies were stolen from Labour’s manifesto after their own received such a negative reaction. 

He said: “The Conservative manifesto disappeared off its website after three days, now some ministers have put together some half-decent proposals conspicuously borrowed from the Labour manifesto.

“As socialists we're happy to share ideas.”

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This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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