Is Foxtons The Estate Agent London Deserves?

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From the street, the Foxtons in Brixton in south London, like the estate agent’s other 55 branches, is almost all glass. Two great floor-to-ceiling windows, separated by a slender pillar, reveal a trademark Foxtons interior, unlike those of other estate agents: all pale, smooth surfaces, very bright lighting and very little furniture. There is a reception desk, a fridge of drinks for customers, a few clusters of modular white tables and chairs of the kind you might find in a loft apartment that was not quite as cool as it thought it was, and a couple of low display cases containing photos of two dozen properties for sale and for let. An unremarkable one-bedroom flat in a plain street nearby is offered at “£346.15 per week, £2,077 deposit + £420 (inc VAT) admin fee*”. The advertisement does not explain the asterisk.

The Brixton Foxtons has been open for two years, glowing like an alien spacecraft, seven days a week and deep into the evenings, among the takeaways and bus stops and bargain clothes shops of Brixton Road. Parts of this area have been gentrifying for decades, but during the branch’s first month, someone scrawled “Yuck” on its windows. During the second, someone painted “Yuppies Out!” In April 2013, after a street party nearby to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher, someone threw red paint all over the facade. Later the same month, Foxtons temporarily hired security guards to prevent demonstrators campaigning against high rents and letting fees from entering the branch.

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