London Fire Chief Says She Has Had Counselling For Grenfell Tower Trauma

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The Alves family were among the first of some 240 residents to flee the tower when the fire started shortly after 1am on June 14. It had been a night of celebration for the family with a cousin visiting from South Africa and a meal at a nearby Portuguese restaurant before returning to the flat for coffee.

After midnight Fatima and Miguel left to drive the cousin to a nearby hotel. Inês Alves, 16, had gone to bed early as she had GCSE exams in chemistry and history the following day. Tiago, 21, sat in his bedroom watching a science fiction series on Netflix. He had just started the second episode when he smelt something burning.  

Miguel and Fatima returned to the tower and took a lift back to the 13th floor, but it stopped first at the fourth floor (where the fire had broken out).

As the doors opened they noticed smoke drifting along the corridors. Fatima went to wait outside while Miguel ran up the stairs to wake his children and knocked on the door of every other neighbour who lived in the six flats on his floor.

“I thought they were going to kill me for waking them up because we didn’t think it was very serious,” he recalls. “Thank God I did.”

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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