Markets Live: Aussie Cracks US80¢

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Sentiment in financial markets is fluid, IG's Chris Weston says:

Earlier in the week a certain positivity was building seemingly in favour of the bull's camp. We can now see a reversal in fortunes and sentiment deteriorating, although the

sell-off feel to holding risk assets seems to have stemmed purely from rumour.

Granted, we can see certain

corporate issues in play, with Cisco Systems weighing on the Dow. However, the main issue seems to have arisen from an interview conducted on CNBC, where Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, from the Yale School of Management, was interviewed on the potential impact on markets

should National Economic Advisor and potential new Fed chair, Gary Cohn, resign.

By all accounts, he is under pressure from some of his ex-Wall Street buddies and

is said to be 'unhappy', by Trump's recent commentary. Let's recall he is not the first in the Trump Administration to be 'unhappy', but we can still see Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in his role, as is Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Despite a number of reports that suggest Cohn isn't actually looking at resigning, the market seems to have bypassed this and is

of the belief that Trump is on war path with anyone and everyone and that it would be far more advantageous to hold a strong relationships, not just with the future Fed chair, but also business leaders and with senior senators too.

We are now seeing headlines that "Trump said to drop plan to form infrastructure advisory council", although to be fair the market probably hadn't known much about this council in the first place.

If we look at markets we can see the

S&P 500 taking a bath -1.5%, and in what looks like a fairly important technical development has closed (2430) below last Fridays low of 2342. Small caps have underperformed, with the Russell 2000 closing -1.8% and below its 200-day average. As you'd imagine with the index down to this degree we are seeing broad based sector losses, with financials, energy and tech all moving sharply lower.

We got quite excited about base metals yesterday, with huge gains in zinc, lead and nickel. In the overnight session,

we haven't seen much follow through and prices are largely stagnant, so we

won't see the same love as we did for Aussie miners as yesterday and it promises to be a t

ough day at the office for the ASX 200.

I maintain the focus on the trading range of 5800 to 5675 on the ASX 200 and it

continues to respect this range like a dream. So many traders get frustrated by the lack of trend in this index, but if you are going to play the index then you have to trade the conditions/set-up and for 13 straight weeks if we sold into 5800 and bought into 5675 you'd have done well.

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This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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