Meet The Top 100 Business Visionaries Creating Value For The World

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Founder, chairman, and CEO, Amazon

From its humble beginnings as an online book retailer founded in Jeff Bezos’ Seattle garage in 1994, Amazon has since flourished as the largest e-commerce company in the world.

Amazon pioneered online recommendations and perfected delivery logistics, making life more convenient for millions of consumers and creating new opportunities for businesses to reach them. The site, which now sells everything from furniture to food to Amazon's own consumer-electronics products, recently became the fastest company to reach $100 billion in annual sales. And Amazon Web Services, the online retailer’s exploding cloud-computing business, is nearing $10 billion in annual sales. Amazon finally began turning consistent profits this year, helping the company’s stock price surge to all-time highs.

And though Bezos, the chairman and CEO and now one of the richest people on Earth, has commendably led Amazon’s rise to global dominance, he has also had to weather controversy. In 2015, the company was hit with barrage of negative media attention claiming it fostered a high-pressure, toxic work environment. Bezos disputed the claims, and, despite the reports, Amazon remains a progressive employer. The company recently revealed equal gender pay among its workforce, with women employees earning 99.9% of men’s salaries in equivalent jobs. He has even encouraged his employees to embrace experimentation, arguing that failure is a necessary step in innovation.

Bezos still has time to lead incredibly successful ventures outside of Amazon. Since he purchased The Washington Post in 2013, the newspaper’s monthly online page views have more than tripled, to 890 million, thanks in part to a hearty dose of digital innovation he’s injected. In addition, Bezos’ privately owned space exploration company, Blue Origin, recently completed its third successful launch-and-land and plans to send people on space voyages by 2018.

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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Meet the top 100 business visionaries creating value for the world
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