Mind The Income Gap

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Disgruntled TV star Lisa Wilkinson shone a light on inequality this week, telling Channel Nine during contract renewal negotiations to “close the gap” between her pay and a male colleague’s. When the negotiations broke down, Wilkinson walked.

The irony that she was negotiating over a payrise seven times that of a doctor saving lives in a hospital emergency department seems not to have occurred to her or the many supporters who congratulated her for standing up to the “patriarchy”.

Labor leader Bill Shorten was one of them. “Too many Australian women are denied opportunities for leadership roles because of their gender, patronised and passed over for promotion in favour of lesser qualified men," he told parliament. "I simply say to Lisa, good on you. Good on you for following your principles. There are millions of Australian women who would have taken a small measure of comfort from your actions."

This last claim is tenuous. The average annual salary for women in Australia is $70,392, 6.4 per cent of Wilkinson’s previous wage and 3.9 per cent of the offer she turned down from Nine. Rather than being comforted, millions of Australian women will be bewildered, and perhaps annoyed, that so much money should go to a person reading an autocue.

The average salary for men is higher, at $83,902. This is often touted as proof of a gender pay gap, which in some cases is true, but the gap varies according to industries.

Men tend to dominate industries that have higher pay, such as mining and construction, and women dominate health care and education,” academic website The Conversation observed last year.

Women overtook men in tertiary enrolments in Australia in 1987 and today make up about 55 per cent of undergraduate numbers. In professional fields, as distinct from those involving manual labour, women operate on a more equal level. Pay rates reflect this, although women are still lagging. A Workplace Gender Equality Agency report from last year found the gap between men and women was 2.1 per cent in favour of men.

Mr Shorten said in July that inequality was “the biggest threat to our health as an economy and our cohesion as a society” and that the solution was to “look at the growing and old faults lurking in our tax system”.

Australians are ready for an authentic, no-nonsense debate about whether our tax system accurately reflects the values of our home, our nation,” he said. “They're ready for a debate about who our system helps and how. About what kind of behaviour it rewards.”

Treasurer Scott Morrison pointed out in August that the tax system was already too reliant on the rich and successful.

“The top one per cent of income tax payers account for 17 per cent of income tax revenue, while the top ten percent account for almost half,” he told Bloomberg.

We cannot increase wages if we extinguish aspiration and incentive by taxing even harder those who succeed to create value, investment and jobs in our economy. This becomes self-defeating for our economy.”

Even Wilkinson, who has negotiated a higher wage with a new employer, would agree with this.

- Fred Pawle

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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