Morgan Freeman: Obama's Not Our First Black President

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Dixie Hacker Hurley

Morgan Freeman is correct Mr. Obama is a mixed race person an therefore the first mixed race person to Hold the Office of U.S. President, however what is most important in my own mind at least is not what race anyone is or is not, but what is most important to me is what kind of job is the person whom ever they are doing? Do they truely have our nation an our nations people an their best interest in mind an at the center of their heart. Do they believe they are really there to serve us an our nation as a people? Or do they really believe they are there to be royalty, an to have all of serve them, an to have absoulte power over us. If say for instance, you have a mind that is perfactly healthy an well an vibrant, but you have a body that is completely crippled an broken, do you think the Government should really have the right to say Wheather you should live or die? Do they really have the right to play God an make these kinds of moral decisions about what is ethical an what is not? These are important questions that each of us needs to ask ourselves in a serious manner, putting yourself in the position of the person they are going to decide about. Because though it may not matter to you if I die, or my son does or my mother does, the next accident could be your mother or you, or your child. Maybe you have a stroke an are paralyzed , but your mind is still good, do you want them to be able to say that just because your body is no longer perfact you die? Do you really want any political party , President , or government of any kind to make those decisions? Because if you do, I can tell you human beings are automatically on the loosening side an sentenced to death if any government official any where of any persuasion gets the right to make those decisions an takes them away from the human people. The government may be run by people, but not real ones who have to work for a living an live like we the people do. An When government has the right to decide what is moral medically they are also jumping into spirituality an religion, an telling us what we have to except an do there too, because many base their decisions an beliefs about moral an medical decisions on an around what they believe spiritually . Do you really want a government to tell you what you must believe an not believe spiritually? This is something everyone really needs to think about hard an long. I'm not Preaching here, but only asking do you really want your rights to decide if you believe in God Or maybe if you do not taken away from you? Do you think it's right to have a Government that can tell you you must be Muslim , Christian, or what ever the faith they , they choose for you. Or would you rather see us keep the rights to decide each person for themselves what we choose to believe in or who , or not believe in? You possibly think these decisions will never come into question, that no government ould ever want that kind of controll over their people? really ? all I can say in answer to that is , China, Russia, Germany and Hittler , an look closely at just about every third world world war torn country in the world. An look at how many wars have been fought throughout history in the name or because of religion an also because of the lack of it as well. You think freedom is not important an freedom of religion is not important either? How close have you really looked at these things I just mentioned? When we loose freedoms of any kind we cease to be human, became machines, an finally die off as a society , an a country, an cease to exhist at all. This is why I will fight to the death to protect your freedoms and mine to decide all these an many more issues for ourselves, even if I think your view is dead wrong, or think its right and agree with you. Because I will never allow myself or if I can help it my country to became nothing more than a non feeling non careing machine with no morals or values in any direction.

Be careful , think about what you really want to be an what you really want your country to be. Those are my feelings.

Thanks for putting up with me. Dixie Hacker Hurley.

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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