NBA: Kawhi Leonard Incorrectly Drew Shooting Foul Late In Spurs’ Win Over Pelicans

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LeBron James had trouble scoring outside the paint, hampered by an ineffective jumper and defenses that did everything possible to keep him from the rim. It still didn't matter. His overwhelming physicality allowed him to work into the restricted area, seemingly at will and to the point he still averaged 25.3 points with a true shooting percentage of 58.8 percent—numbers only 25 other qualified players have matched throughout the Association's history. 

Non-Scoring Offense


Even though his assist totals don't match the leagues leaders, James may be the NBA's best passer. His ability to make cross-court feeds and hit his targets perfectly while barreling to the basket at full speed is unsurpassed. Unfortunately for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the same can't be said about his floor-spacing acumen. According to ICE data provided by B/R Insights, he finished behind 255 players in combined effective field-goal percentage on spot-up shots and gravitational pull. 



After allowing for a bit of defensive slack the last few years, James played like he was on a mission in 2015-16. He thrived in every set imaginable, though he did still take a few possessions off to recover and prepare for his typically immense offensive burden. Perhaps most impressive is that he finished in the 87th percentile when guarding spot-up shooters—an area that high-usage players often struggle in because close-outs require so much effort. 



James pulling down a defensive rebound and then jump-starting a fast-break opportunity, sans outlet feed, is a pretty common sight in Northeast Ohio. So too is him bursting to the basket for a second-chance opportunity. Along with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Rudy Gay and P.J. Tucker, he was one of four players to qualify as a small forward and record over two contested boards per game.



Remember when the world was fretting over the health of James' back? So much for that. He missed only six games in 2015-16, and his absences stemmed solely from maintenance-related rest rather than any specific injuries. 



When James leaves it all on the court, as he did while steering the Cavaliers to their historic come-from-behind NBA title, there's no one better. Even when he's pacing himself during the regular season, he's a once-in-a-lifetime presence. This forward simply does everything well, with the lone exception of perimeter shooting. And though that's such a key part of modern offense, it almost doesn't matter for a player who can get to the rim at will during and beyond his age-31 season. 

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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