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Monarch staff sobbed as they cleared their desks today and drowned their sorrows in airport bars after coming to work only to learn the airline collapsed overnight.

Administrators have confirmed 1,858 workers have been made redundant. The majority of the staff - including some who had been there 38 years - were told in an email.

Workers at its Luton Airport headquarters hugged each other and wiped away tears as they carried their belongings in boxes and bags to their cars. 

Staff were seen leaving the building from a back entrance after clearing out their desks and they drove away from the airport in their vehicles tooting their car horns as they left. 

Some defiant workers left a briefing laughing, waving banners and drinking champagne as they decided to celebrate all the years they'd worked for Monarch. 

Pubs in Luton offered free food and drink to people left without a job while air crew elsewhere have been drowning their sorrows in a Gatwick Airport Wetherspoon pub since early this morning. 

Two Monarch staff sob at its Luton headquarters as more than 2,100 people  lost their jobs today

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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Sobbing Monarch staff who found out they'd lost their jobs by EMAIL box up their belongings and drown their sorrows in airport Wetherspoons bars as airline collapses and ...
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