Rumors Roundup: Andrew Bogut, Glen Davis, Andrew Wiggins...

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Contract: 4 years, $12.1 million (team option on the third year)

Team Needs: Small forward


Why He Should Go

Austin Rivers really struggled during his rookie season. Was there enough emphasis in that sentence? Probably not.

Maybe numbers will help. There were three players who averaged at least 20 minutes a game while posting a player efficiency rating (PER) under six last season: Mickael Pietrus, Quentin Richardson and Austin Rivers. And since Pietrus and Richardson played a combined 20 games, they really don't even qualify.

That puts Rivers in a league of his own—and it's probably not one in which he wants to be alone.

So how do the New Orleans Pelicans justify hanging on to such an ineffective combo guard when they already have Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon and Jrue Holiday? Well, I guess not being able to get rid of him would count as such justification.

If they somehow find a taker (probably by combining Rivers with someone else), the Pelicans could use a traditional small forward.

I actually like the idea of Evans at the 3 and on the floor with Holiday and Gordon, but that's not looking very likely. 

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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