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I feel the same way about surprise sales as I do about people singing “Happy Birthday” to me at restaurants: in theory, I should like it, but honestly, I just end up getting stressed out, going home, and eating a piece of cake alone in a safe corner. Quick poll: how many of you did I just lose? Well, their loss, because I was going to tell them all about the surprise >Kate Spade 75 percent off sale

, but now I’ll just tell all of you instead.

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These sales actually come up quite frequently—the last one happened only a little bit over a month ago—so even if you don’t hop on the buying train right this minute, you’re more likely than not going to get another opportunity sooner rather than later. But if you’re the impulse buyer, there’s no better time than the present to shop. It’s Kate Spade, so a lot of the pieces aren’t going to be cheap per se, but they will undoubtedly be beautiful and long-lasting, and honestly, anything under $150 from that brand is a steal in my book (I got a wallet for under $75 and I love it, so there are definitely some steals to be found). At the very least, you can convince someone to buy you an early holiday present. But you have to move fast; the sale only runs for a limited time (this one ends

tonight, October 29, at 11:59pm), and things sell out fast.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the great finds for under $150:

1. Cove Street Goldie ($149, down from $398)

cove street gildie>

Other than the Cedar Street Maise, which is sadly not on sale (though I did get for a birthday one year and can safely say is one of the best bags a girl could ever own), I’d consider this the other iconic Kate Spade shape. It’s chic, professional, and holds way more than you’d think.

2. Grant Street Grainy Vinyl Jules ($99, down from $298)

grant street tote>

I mean, it’s a tote. Who doesn’t need a sturdy, cute tote in their wardrobe?

3. Southport Avenue Stacy ($49, down from $198)

southport avenue stacey>

There are two styles of wallets in Kate Spade’s arsenal, and this is one of them. It snaps close and has plenty of room inside for cards and cash. Plus, the dark leather is perfect for fall.

4. Kirk Park Lacey ($79, down from $198)

kirk park lacey>

Aaaand this is the other style. This is the one that I got because, after suffering months of having everything fall out of my old broken wallet, I need something that would close all the way. Believe it or not, it’s completely full, and there’s still room for a slim pack of tissues, my iPhone, and my work ID.

5. Daycation Gia Cosmetic Bag ($29, down from $78)

daycation gia>

Isn’t this just the cutest print you ever did see? And maybe this is the product hoarder in me talking, but I love the shape and space this cosmetics bag provides. No more stuffing everything to the bottom only to be able to zip the bag shut halfway!

6. Kate Spade Drop Earrings ($29, down from $68)

drop earrings>

Statement earrings are big this season, and these are a beautiful yet simple way to incorporate the trend into your pre-existing jewelry collection.

7. Take A Bow Bangle ($29, down from $58)

take a bow bangle>

There are bows everywhere in the Kate Spade universe, but this is probably my favorite piece. It’s pretty, but not in-your-face girly.

8. Imperial Tile Necklace ($69, down from $278)

imperial tile necklace>

If statement earrings aren’t your thing, you can always go for a statement necklace! This one is ideal because it’s bold, but still neutral.

9. Quilted Chambray Shift Dress ($129, down from $348)

quilted chambray shift dress>

It’s a Kate Spade shift for under $150. You really can’t ask for much more.

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10. Embellished Cupcake Dress ($149, down from $598)

embellished cupcake dress>

I’d definitely recommend picking this dress up now while it’s on sale because it’s perfect for any formal holiday party you’ll end up at this season. It could also work for an evening wedding. Or a daytime wedding, Or any time, really.

11. Graphic Floral Crop Top ($99, down from $278)

graphic floral crop top>

Trust me, you can still wear crop tops to work in the winter. You just have to style the correctly.

12. Kandi Sunglasses ($99, down from $190)

kandi sunglasses>

These sunglasses will work wonders for all my fellow square-faced ladies out there.

>Head over to Kate Spade’s website to shop the surprise sale before time runs out!

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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