Sleep Rich: How The Mattress In A Box Pioneer Plans To Win Investors Over

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“I think the only reason it sounds bonkers is because of how strange mattress retailing has been – it’s like you’re buying toilet paper or something. Mattresses have become such a commoditised product when there’s loads of emotional stuff attached to it, it’s where you put your children to bed.”

Bagniewski, whose parents moved from Poland to the UK when he was three years old, set Eve up just two years ago. After university, two gap years, and a brief stint at global consulting firm Accenture, he landed at Rocket Internet, the Berlin-based tech incubator behind online food business Hello Fresh and fashion retailer Zalando. His experience of working with the highly respected billionaire Samwer brothers gave him the guts to move to California and launch a business with his childhood friend. Called Zen, that business sold unbranded mattresses online directly to Groupon, the online discount voucher site. “We sold 6,000 mattresses on the first day, and we didn’t even know where to get 6,000 mattresses . We were one of the most popular items ever sold on Groupon”, he says.

“When I founded Zen I used to think that I had dug a hole in my back garden and found an oil well, because we were putting these mattresses online on Groupon and they were flying. But we never got any recognition, because no one knew who we were. I’d be reading about these start-ups who got $1m revenue in their first year, and we did $2m on our first day. So I thought I’d like to get some recognition after all”, he says, eyes widening. At the time Bagniewski lived near Sand Hill, the venture capitalist address of choice. “I’d be driving past and seeing signs for Facebook and Twitter and I’d feel so tiny doing this little mattress in a box company, and it made me want to create something bigger.”

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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Sleep Rich: how the mattress-in-a- box pioneer plans to win investors over
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