Steve Kerr Playfully Makes Fun Of Cavs' Scoreboard Again

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After saying he doesn’t really know what to call the Cavaliers’ red color, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr noted that Cleveland fans would probably see his confusion as a jab at them. Then, a reporter reminded him about the time he made fun of “The Diff” on the Cavs’ scoreboard, and Kerr made more jokes about their rival.

“The Diff” is a feature on the scoreboard at Quicken Loans Arena that shows how much Cleveland is winning or losing by. For instance, if the Cavs are up 10-0, The Diff says +10, but if they’re losing by 10, it says -10.

The last time Kerr made fun of The Diff, he sarcastically said “in case you can’t do math.” This time, he told a story about his 25-year-old son. Kerr said, while smiling and chuckling:

“The Diff. Yeah, I made fun of The Diff. 58-46, I wish I knew how much we were down. Oh! The Diff! We’re down 12! Now I really know. Now I’m in huge trouble.

“I just think for the education, the kids, it’s better to not tell them the answer with math. I know my son Nick literally learned math by going to the Bulls games and reading the scoreboard and doing the math himself. I’m thankful that the Bulls did not give away the answer otherwise maybe Nick might have never learned math. I don’t know. God, Cleveland fans are gonna hate me now.”

Steve Kerr, trying to decipher the uniform colors of the Cavaliers but then realizing he may be angering Cleveland fans again

— Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) November 14, 2017

I’m sure Nick Kerr will be pleased to know his father told this story about how he learned math.

It’s always a fun time when Kerr has jokes. 

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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