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RARE SOUTH AMERICAN COATI FOUND LOOSE IN PETALUMA: It looks like a raccoon, or a small bear with an ant-eater obsession, and its name is easily confused that that of a certain small town slightly to our North. It’s a coati, and under normal circumstances it lives in South America, Texas, and portions of Southern California. So what one was doing hanging about in Petaluma last Thursday, September 14, no one can guess. Most likely, it had been in the care of someone who owned it illegally, and I someone escaped. Or maybe he did walk all the way from the South. Anyway, there he was, happily up a tree, requiring Animal Control services to climb much higher off the ground than they usually prefer to. The gorgeous little guy has since been delivered to Wildlife Rescue, who will, as they are trained to do, figure out what the best thing to do with him is. Several other snaps were posted on the Petaluma Animal Services Facebook page on Thursday, September 14.

LOCAL PUBLICIST RAISES MONEY FOR BREAST CANCER, JOINS DANCERS ON FIELD AT SACRAMENTO RIVER CATS GAME: Petaluma’s Shelley Klaner can’t quite believe she did it, but on August 31, she donned a bright neon tutu, joined a bunch of other women – all members of the Kaia FIT club in Citrus Heights (Klaner was representing the Petaluma Kaia FIT club) – and danced like crazy out on the field at a Sacramento River Cats baseball game.

“The song we danced to was ‘Mi Mi MI’ by Serebro,” she reports. “Then we did ‘burpees’ on the field in honor of our upcoming Burpees for Boobs fundraiser.”

Burpees, she explains, are a high-energy fitness exercise in which practitioners drop, do a push up, then jump up and clap.

“I have video of me doing burpees at the River Cats game,” she says.

The breast cancer fundraiser, taking place on October 7, is sponsored by the full Kaia FIT operation, headquartered in Carson City, Nevada. The company operates a number of women’s fitness and nutrition studios all over, including one in Petaluma, where Klaner has been taking dance lessons. Participants will do burpees for 31 minutes, marking America’s 3.1 million breast cancer survivors. The Petaluma studio hopes to raise at least $1000 with the event, money that will go to The Breast Cancer Charities Feeling Beautiful Again Project. Klaner is currently seeking sponsors willing to pledge a donation in support of her training for the 31-minute burpee-thon. To donate, visit Once the Burpees for Boobs event is over, Klaner has no plans to start relaxing.

“I’ve been asked to dance with the group again on November 17,” she says. “At half time for the Sacramento Kings basketball team.”

MAN OF LA MANCHA SOLD OUT FOR REST OF RUN: Selling out a show is pretty much an impossible dream for most theaters these days, even relatively small ones like Petaluma’s Cinnabar Theater. But that’s what they’ve done with their current production of the musical ‘Man of La Mancha.’ After an opening weekend of stellar word-of-mouth and strong praise from North Bay critics, Cinnabar started selling seats faster than the actors-dressed-as-prisoners consume a pile of stale bread in the opening moments of the show. All remaining shows are sold out, though a waiting list will be made for those willing to take a chance that a seat might open up at the last minute. Till then, you might want to get a head start on the next Cinnabar show, and snag your tickets now for the comedy-drama “Quartet,” opening on October 13. Heads up: the production boasts a cast of Cinnabar all-stars (Liz Jahren, Michael Fontaine, Laura Jorgensen, and regular Argus-Courier contributor Clark Miller).

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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