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THE PETALUMA ARGUS, PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA Monday, April. 11,. 1921 . I GJIll .: II BIG WM Si The benefit bait ; riven F. A. Cromwell, appraiser ia .U! Si ft lit 4: !!. ile Fours '';; .;;; ' " ' ' ' " ' - ' J' " " "' ' ' ' " - ''!; iv'i; .. - !'.,-'-.:.v'J.'-.v..'.,.!; j I Delivered in California Oxfords aw rairs juaaies objuring MaB&lftu and Pumps on Special Sale Some Car! Some Price! per pair fl -J ' I SEDANS AND ?' COUPES : iTDURINS CARS AND ROADSTERS. Brownlcalf in military heels; black kid in LXV and militairv heels. $1695 $2470 numbers at Reduced HERE W. Agnew iand patents : , ' Prices. Repairing u -Gen. Dawes on : GUGLIELMETTI T 1'LOCAi; ESTATES - W PROBATE court Many other i- i A. Good Shoes A Chance For An Athletic Boy Bruce , Sinclair, . formerly. , of this1 city,' who has risen to the top as an athletic performer on the vaudeville stage, is seeking a youth as a new teammate and would like a Petaluma boy. Mr. Sinclair married some years ago and has an estimable wife and two fine . children and would take the boy into his home and teach him all that he knows in the game,- which brings him big money,-' The boy must weigh from 70 to 80 pounds and must be of good character and habits and will be educated and taught the business, 1 Mr. Sinclair being a responsible party. He .will have a good home, but -he-must be athletically inclined. R W. Committee to Aid i Suffering in Ireland 1 f' . . . A i h1 r b u j. i J- f U i" f .SANTAr,ROSA, April .10. Peter Johnson, guardian of Con-, r4, Johnson, minor, filed petl-j- Uon. in the Superior Court Thurs- day for an order to sell real es tate, , conaiBtins 1 ot 1-4 interest in. 7 acres known as the old et-ATerill place near Petalurtia. F. A." 'Oram welt, A. P. Behren and I. H. Jwiftn, "appraisers, filed their Taluatlon of the property -rt (500. - Judge Thompson sign-S ed an order directing all inter Dreamland , rtak on; . Saturday evening for the benefit.; of . the fund for , maintaining the team of the state Trt-CouBty , League, was largely attended and .was- a most enjoyable and successful affair, many .visitors from abroad' being present.- . .. . r: ; 1 The hall was prettily- decorat ed, the decorations from the Ad Club , ball of the previous week having - been allowed o-Mmai in place, and the hall was brightly lighted. . Dancing was commenced at 9 o'clock and was continued until the midnight '- hout, Melville Acorrte being in charge of the affair and being ably assisted by a committee of ladles and gen tlemen, all of whom worked hard to make the affair a success. A refreshment booth was conduct ed by the ladies, while James' B. Sullivan was in charge of the door and Mts. L. B. Hammell acted as matron MVs. Bll Mil- ner. Miss L. Delessi and Miss Pearl - Briesch were lti charge of the refreshment booth. Excellent music was furnished by New- burgh's 10-piece orchestra' which rendered many new numbers Tor the first time and many request numbers. , j A neat sum was realized for the baseball fund, the dance, be ing perfectly conducted and a splendid succors and being thoroughly enjoyed by all present, The door prizes were won as follows: . First prize, Miss Wrobloff, sack of Golden Eagle flour. Second prize, box.' of candy, Miss Anna Bello. s Third prize, merchandise or der on Goldman's,. Mrs. Mumson. The gentlemen's first prize, a box of , cigars from Gildp JMat-tei's.-was won by -Wayne McNul- ty, while the second a Toggery merchandise order, was . won by M. Garzoli. M. Spalch won the third prize, a merchandise order from Mattel Bros. All of the prizes were well worth While.' TWO AUTOS COLLIDED SUNDAY AT JiOVATO A Buictouring car and a Ford touring' car, collided t No-vato Sunday afternoon and. the Ford machine was slightly damaged. A report reached' here later that a number of people had been injured in the collision . and that' they had been brought to a hospital in this cityt The report was '.without foundation. . . . . . . ti BU- -U 1 1 QUICK RELIEF Get Dr. Edwards' Ofive Tablets That is the joyful cry of thousands since Dr. Edwards produced. Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel No gripinj-esulUfron these pleasant liuie tablets, iney cause uie nver and bowels to act normally. They never force them to unnatural action. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a soothing, healing, vegetable compound mixed with olive oil. If you have a bad taste, bad breath, feel dull, tired, are constipated or bilious, you'll find quick and sure results from Dr. Edwards' little Olive Tablets at bedtime, 15c and 30c a -box. IJust Received ; several thousand dollars'jworth L of v;i; beautiful new designs! CONSTIPATION Wa I. up ipi''-1'1 mmmmm n; the . estate of the late Albert Ov-i erton, has -filed an, inventory anI appraisement showing the estate; to be vttlued at 1700. There Is no inheritance tax;, due from the The estate "of r the late John Goeller is . vaTued at $3,406.26, according to an inventory' filed in .the Superior Court Thursday by- FiAi Cronrwetl," appraiser of the estate. There; is no inheritance- tax due from the estate. The estate consists of cash la a Petaluma bank. "'.':''. F. A; Cromwell, appraiser of the estate of the late Joseph M. Perry, filed an inventory and appraisement in the Superior Court Thursday, showing the est tate to be valued at M.367. The; estate consists of real estate in Petaluma, and cash, , Liberty bonds and notes in a Petaluma bank. vThereis no Inheritance tax due from the estate. T"- Parents Should late Every parent should . rejoice that his boy or girl is receiving systematic physical education, in the Petaluma public schools. Bas ketball, track, baseball and other athletics are only a part of thu program. Tile Decathalon scheme is probably the best plan of de velopment yet devised. It con eists of ten events which are de signed to develop every muscle in the body, Some of these events are the "pull" up," the "push , up," the "sit upr" which .develop strength needed for good posture and efficient handling of the body. . ' Just as a pupil must undertake more difficult work each year in arithmetic if the proper progress -is to be made so In the Decathlon the events become more difficult. Thu the pupil has something definite to work for not only from year to year but even during the term". In fact, even a weekly improvement must be made. The pupil competes against his own Tecord. This self-competition Js the. basis of all self-development. Physical education of this type is not only given in Petaluma but over the entire State ot California. With a program of this character in force we will find fewer physical weaklings and not only will the individual gain . in health and happiness; but society as a whole will be benefited. - V . v . ... Barry Wins ' At Tacoma Jim Barry," "formerly of this city, known In the northwest now as "Fighting Jim Barry" of Petaluma, was awaTded the de-cTslo1lnaastrght--at-ronra Friday evening of last week, ac cording to press dispatches to the San Francisco dailies. His opponent was a negro and a very clever man, according to the newspaper report. , Mts. J. R. FritBch was a passenger toVi.he-Jay city Mon day morning. north of Argus Office 972 - J ; ; : Paper!" Gut&mute i 19 Western Avenue Sinclair of the .PetalumaPleat-ing Works on Western avenue Will give the desired Information to inquirers. WERE MARRIED AT BAY CITY A marriage license was granted at San Francisco Saturday to Pletra Girando and Lucia Mala-no, both of Petaluma and .they were quietly married at San Francisco on the same day.' Both are well known here and have made their home near this city. They will reside hfere. , A. P. Lundholm, formerly of this city, wan here from Oakland over Sunday. Henry L. Ellsworth, formerly of this city, and now of San Francisco was here over Sunday to visit, his relatives. . "". ' Touring Sedan ..: $576.67 $946.32 1 $529.82 Petaluma ft jOtSTRnBUTOR X - Genuine: l"orn&rvice--nd mparts INSIST on genuina Ford ,: parts ; for your Ford car. Mail order houses, stores and many garages sell imitation counterfeit parts which have not the quality of the genuine Ford parts,, but the Authorized Ford Dealers as well as the Authorized Sales and Service Dealers TJell only the genuine Ford-made Ford parts. You are safe with them, while . your car is mighty unsafe ifrepairedwith imitation parts. The real Ford parts are made from the same properly heat-treated steel a their counter-parts in the Ford car. Every part is- heat-treated according to its use. Depending upon the service they perform, Ford parts are tempered to insure the longest life. Tested after almost every operation" while being ; CbartakG, Dawes, Chicago banker, who held the rank of major general tit the A. E. : F4 has accepted the post of vice-( chairman of the American Committee (or Relief in Ireland, which is engaged in raising a fund of $10,240,000 to feed, clothe and shelter the children, women and aged sufferers in that country. Other serving in'tbe same capacity with the committee are Henry Morgenthau, lane Addams, David Starr Jordan, Charles : Nagel , Bernard. - M , Baruch , Senator Medill McCormick, Governor Edward I. Edwards of New lersev: HERST BROS. Petaluma bants and Sonoma couuty. corporations. ; An order settline final account of and discharging of adminis trator was signed by Judge Thompson in the Superior Court Thursday in the estate of the late Hilda Larsen, upon the petition of Chris Larsen, administrator of the estate. Chris Lar ue n husband of the deceased, is the sole heir. The estate consists of real estate. Wesley Corliss Is Located Frank Wesley Corliss, whose brother, Ray Corliss, was drown ed at wngnts Beach over a week . ago, has .. been located : at El Paso, Texas, , and a telegram has been eent to him by. friends, requesting him to return home at once. Mr. Corliss doee not know that his brother has been drowned and. the sad news will be broken to him on his arrival here. HBSKMBLY PASSES BILLS TO MAKE ARMISTICE JiAY-A LEfaiHQLIPAYi Two of a series of four bills making Armistice Day, ' November 11th, a legal holiday, were passed i by the Assembly late yesterday without opposition. These were A. B. Nos. 1005 and 1006, by Assemblyman Clifton BrookaofOakland It is necessary to make four amendments to the Codes in order to have the new holiday. These measures are a part of the Legislative program of the American Legfoft Considerable 4 difficulty has been encountered by. the Legion in several cities in California in getting business houses to close on Armistice Day for the celebration of the day on which the armed con fllct in the World War was con ejude&r Snow's College of Dress Making Is where you will receive in dividual instructions from ex pert teachers; you will be trained until thoroughly competent. You can attend at your own conven ience. HERE IT IS ; Just what you want and the terms reasonable: rooms, bath: lot 60 Jx .80; 1 1 100; 250 ' cash; bal 1 20 per month. ' ..v , rooms; lot 43 x 100; $1600,; $600 cash j bal. easy. ? rooms, bath, gasi lights, water; house in fine condition; lot COxlOft; $2100; $500 cash; $25 per month. room modern in every way; large garage; chicken houses; one of the best . places in town; lot 75x150; $4000 can arrange ; easy - terms. ' CALL FOR MR. ilAMES CURTIS-HAMES REALTY CO. fVivemnr Edwin P. Morrow of Ken. -HnwutnettH'edr4afleHrai4fl-reBeat ested persons W appear '.'In court f May 2 to show cause why the gale Bhould not be made, as petitioned for. An, inventory and appraisement in the estate of the late Daniel Modtnl wu filed in the Superior Court Thursday by F. A.'"" Cromwell, appraiser of the estate, showing it to be valued at (25,948.96. The estate con sists of. real estate in Petaluma, cash In Petaluma banks, Liberty bonds and ; corporation stock in V , V , & SONS, Props. Calif. FAMILY arble&GraniteVVorks 4 tucky; ' Cardinal Gibbons; Governor O. H . Shoup of Colorado; andjosephu Daniels. The campaign and the distribution of relief in Ireland will be along entirely non-sectarian and non-political lines. . Contributions, should be sent to the local treasurer or to John J.- Pulkyn,-1 West 34th Street, New York. , aot manufactured under Ford supervision. Counterfeit, parts range from thirty to seventy-five per cent below the quality of fhe; Ford standard. Don't take chances; demand Ford ; parts, they're safer. Bring your Ford to 'us and thus make "assurance doubly sure." If you want a Ford car, truck or. Fordson tractorJeave; your order withoutdelayL as now we can mkke fairly prompt "deliveryTouring Cars, Coupes, 3e duhv Runabouts, .Trucks and Fordson Tractors. Why not drop in and talk over your wants? i J w. 1 DEESS UP in a Suit tailored to your order at .Coupe Truck ... $894.26 ..... $674.76 "Unnabout" F; O. B W. C. Sanderson & Sons Authorized Ford Dealers m YOUR STEAMER. UKIAH : 19. OFF THE RUN The steamer Ukiah is off the runr-to-Tecelve heTnsualOTer- hauling and this fact caused a long delay to many autos at Sausalito and San. Francisco on Sunday as the smaller boats can accommodate only a few. autos as compared with' the- monster Ukiah.. , v Weber Ranges. - & , Tore for aiectrla NOTICK1 OF DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP The partnership heretofore existing between J. '. R. CORLISS, FRANK 8. CONNER and" J. L. DINWIDDIE under the firm name and Btyle of "KRESKY BROODER STOVE COMPANY" n uereu, uitsnoiveu Dy ine mU- tualcougeut.f.8aidparties: - l i j - . . - " ? ? RECORD - - - y-.-- 'SPARKS & MURPHEY -'- We think these new wall, papers are the.finest selection that we have evyerhadr and that is saying much. !j Also many 1920 pattern's5 that are fine and at reduced piices. We have in stock Sanitas wall covering, Linowall and oak grained Wainscot paper, Wall-Board, Paints: andrarn- J.cStkGlas'Brxtnges;- iCTbiaaioia' :kms;. .Ifyow need anything' in "the" Painting line youwilFfind" it here , ""y ,,vf'---'----.'?f" We also employ a large force of skilled painters'; and paperhangers and "can do your work reasonably and with dispatch. . , If you wish to do your own painting we can furnish, you with any kind of paint you wish. terras . jstorage Battery Department) , Batti .1. CaaailyZ the-, family-. record - to-kept 4tt-4hl'ald . faU3L .Bible and often that Family Bible IS destroyed by flre or ftjicestors ' 41 $ , The safest and most permanent record is on a monument of some ia8t;ng, indestruclable stone, which at the same time is a work of art, pleasing to the eyo and tnentsl to. the cometory. . . We are in ti e business of making and selling such monuments and guarantee satisfaction. ' ..' Ca)l and see us and leave your order. Dated:- July 1st, 1921). ' - J. -R; ;ORLlSa -v , . FRANK S. CONNER. f J. L.' DIN,WIDDIE. ' HELP, WANTED A man to work around small k"- Trees - ' v Drive Inside Tor Prest-O-Lit Service " t There was once a Camera-man who worked for a Movie News-Weekly. And he , was assigned to "cover" a big fire.; So-he grabbed a Camera and Hastened to the Scene. But he ran out of film at a critical moment. And he was Out a" Luck! ": ;."- '"y ; jjl Some motorists . thereT are-who -take a chance ' with a battery , that has no reserve power. And some day they will need a start to. pull their' motor out of a stall, and the starter will report: "Nothing doing"! J .-- The- Prest-O-LlU? Battery-use8Ie8s-ihan-bne"four-hun. dredth of its power-reserve for a single start -and the generator quickly replaces that. - David PiliaL E. W. M. EYANS .Petaluma, , ( Phone-SSffFlS , -J.E. Kresky 152 Main St., one door j Phone Phone 860 5 'eX ThyfyTVlf i :x. ': : 122 Main St.

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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