The World’s Hottest Real Estate Market?

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Real estate properties near or beside cemeteries are often overlooked by potential buyers, but do you know that purchasing a lot near a cemetery might be one of the smartest purchases you can make, especially around Toronto?

It isn’t a secret that the Toronto real estate market is one of the hottest in the world right now. The chances of purchasing a home you truly like is not that big if you’ll factor in budgetary constraints this side of Canada. If you’re not easily spooked, does not care much for superstitions, or have an adventurous streak, then looking for available homes or lots near cemeteries might be for you! Bonus points if you love Halloween!

Homes Near Cemeteries

Toronto resident Ms Flowers shares her childhood experience living in a home next to a cemetery in Bracebridge. She recalled playing ‘Ghost Ghost’, a form of hide and seek with her friends and how much fun she had until one night when a grave she was standing in caved in! She freaked out and ran away screaming. There’s no poltergeist or ghost involved by the way. It was merely a rotting coffin underneath that was the culprit for her scare.

Ms Flowers is far from scared when it comes to cemeteries and consecrated areas these days even though a lot of people still do not find the idea of living near dead bodies appealing. The sight of headstones still makes some people feel creepy the same way some people still do not want to live near churches and funeral homes.

A New View

Real estate agent Andrea Feldman recalls her Asian clientele not wanting to purchase homes near the Elgin Mills Cemetery in Richmond Hill during the 90s and saying it is bad feng shui. These days, this has become less of a problem as land as become too valuable in Toronto. Ms Feldman shares that land is so valuable these days that she sold houses around graveyards without having to give discounts. In fact, the houses and homes close to Mount Pleasant Cemetery are catching a good selling price. It should also be noted that the location is close to Chaplin Estates, Moore Park, Forest Hill and chi-chi Rosedale.

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This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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