There Are No Good Answers For Kawhi Leonard

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If Kawhi Leonard has exactly the same season he did a year ago, it'll be enough to earn his first MVP award. But he's not going to settle for that.

Teamed-up superstars will get in each other's way, splitting stats and clearing the road for the guy who finished third in the voting after the 2016-17 campaign. Westbrook has George to share numbers with; he won't average a triple-double again. Harden, who finished second, has Paul.

Leonard remains the unchallenged, singular star on his team—a team that should win more games than anyone this side of Golden State. Though win total may not mean everything anymore, it still means something. And if San Antonio grabs another 60 victories, someone (read: Leonard) is going to deserve a heap of credit.

James always looms as a threat, and if Isaiah Thomas misses significant time, it could lead to a monster statistical season from the game's best player. That's to say nothing of the possibility James gets extra motivated in what might be his final year with the Cavs.

But Leonard garnered nine first-place votes after adding ultra-efficient top-option offense last year to a profile that already included two Defensive Player of the Year awards. For a guy who has improved in every single season of his career, adding facets to his game and somehow increasing his efficiency while taking on a progressively higher-volume role, it's unwise to expect a mere repeat of last year's performance.

Leonard, as he's always done, figures to get better.

What would that look like?

Try 27 or 28 high-efficiency points per game with the best perimeter defense in the league. Try, perhaps, improved passing out of the post that leads to more assists. Try a few extra minutes at power forward, which could produce cleaner looks from long range against opponents too slow to close out.

The Spurs' calling card has been sustained excellence for two decades, always staying highly competitive when everyone expects them to slip.

Leonard is different. He keeps improving while most expect he's topped out.

If he's not done growing, the MVP is his to lose.


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This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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