These Media Outlets Are Striking On International Women's Day

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Slate, employees were told to discuss the strike with their managers if they wanted to take a personal or vacation day. The vast majority of us came to work. Many other news outlets, especially women-focused sites, opted to strike as units. The Cut isn’t publishing anything on Wednesday. Neither are Bustle and Romper, where people organized employee volunteering opportunities. Ditto the women of Jezebel, though the site will be taken over by Jezebel men and men from other Gizmodo Media Group properties. The site’s editor posted a nice explanation of employees’ strike, remarking that readers should notice and speak up if and when the men inevitably fall short. At Fusion, staffers explained their “mixed feelings” on the strike: Some went on strike “in solidarity”; some came to work to report on the strike and other important things women are doing; some came because they felt the strike isn’t inclusive of all women, especially since striking is least possible for people who have the most to lose under white patriarchal capitalism. (Six of the blurbs mentioned the authors’ “privilege” as a reason to strike or not to strike.) Employees at the Verge and MTV News tweeted photos of nearly empty offices, demonstrating the visual power of not showing up.

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

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