Why A 9 Year Old Eastvale Boy Donated His Birthday Money To Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital

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LOMA LINDA >> Rather than purchase the latest gadgets and gizmos, an Eastvale boy donated money intended for his birthday to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

On Monday, Ulysses Hsu, 9, brought hospital officials a check worth more than $1,600 to support children receiving care and contribute to the hospital’s Vision 2020 campaign.

“Loma Linda Hospital is not an ordinary hospital,” Ulysses said during a brief presentation, “it also gives (patients) happiness, love, comfort and warmth. These are all four things that are important (in) life.”

Ulysses began donating his birthday money to the hospital in honor of a friend who had cancer, according to a news release. Based on that philanthropic endeavor, Ulysses helped found the hospital’s “birthday club,” which encourages youth to give back to the hospital by various means.

“Ulysses is a special kid with a big heart,” said Jill Payne, assistant vice president of philanthropy at Loma Linda. “His donation shows that giving back doesn’t require someone to be a ‘Million Dollar Donor’ — you can be a 9-year-old and make things happen.”

Loma Linda patients personally thanked Ulysses for his donation Monday by posing for photos with hospital staff and the mascot, Luke the Lion.

Ulysses’ donation will support the hospital’s efforts to provide care to the region’s littlest patients, as well as the hospital’s Vision 2020 campaign, an effort to build new adult and children’s hospital towers. The project will provide additional space for the thousands receiving patient care each year. More on the campaign may be found online at www.lluhvision2020.org.

This is source I found from another site, main source you can find in last paragraph

Source : http://www.sbsun.com/2017/03/08/why-a-9-year-old-eastvale-boy-donated-his-birthday-money-to-loma-linda-university-childrens-hospital/



Why a 9-year-old Eastvale boy donated his birthday money to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital